A Special Thank-you

From last November until mid-August, a homeless encampment occupied the vacant lots behind Peace House Community. Over the months various people came and went from the camp, bringing with them tents, bicycles, generators, and a host of other items. Many others stopped by during the day and the night, sometimes to say hi to friends […]

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What’s in a Word?

Over the last few years, there has been a movement to stop using the word “homeless” to describe those who don’t have permanent housing. Phrases like “those with lived experience of homelessness” or “the unstably housed” have popped up to fill the void. Those advocating for the change intend to reduce the stigma attached to

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Director’s Corner

In June, Peace House Community sent out a supporter survey to give us a sense of why so many people give to PHC, and  why they follow our activities through social media. The responses we received gave us a clear idea of your interest in PHC’s ministry. We heard repeatedly that PHC’s supporters love that

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Meet Kat

Kat has been coming to Peace house Community for decades, so her desire to contribute to the community shouldn’t surprise anyone. But Kat does more than talk about how much she loves PHC; she puts her words into action. This spring, Kat got tired of the graffiti and stains on the porch area, so she

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Working Instead of Staying Busy

Someone recently sent me an article that, among other things, lamented the busyness that people experience at their jobs and the amount of time and energy that this busyness wastes. The author’s goal was to get his readers to move from busyness to action, from working a job that may or may not pay the

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The Sacredness of Used Clothing

Like many nonprofits, Peace House Community relies on donations of both money and items to offer services to its community. Sometimes the items we receive are essential to our work, but often we receive donations that cause more problems than they solve. I used to work at a housing agency that had to deal with

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Meet Joy Rindels-Hayden

Joy has had a tough life, but she continues to move forward, in every sense of the phrase and in every area of her life. From abusive relationships to disabling accidents to poverty to discrimination, Joy has faced enough challenges to last several lifetimes. However, as she says, she follows the dictum that power is

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Director’s Corner

Normally I use this space to thank our supporters for their generosity and goodwill. I am as thankful now as I have ever been, so thank-you to all of you who pray for, promote, and give to PHC. But for this newsletter, I want to use this space to make it easier for you to

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You May Know More Than You Know

I’ve learned a few things in the last year about fundraising, like You can never say thank-you enough and Tell donors what you are doing with their money, because it isn’t your money that you are spending.” I’ve also learned that I need to ask Peace House Community’s donors a lot of questions, like How

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