June 2019

Where is Your Living Room?

When Sister Rose founded Peace House Community, it quickly became known as “the living room on Franklin Avenue”. Sister Rose wanted anyone who walked through the door to feel like they were going to a friend’s house where there was acceptance without invasive questions. People could share what they wanted or not share as they […]

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So, What Should We Talk About?

Each day that Peace House Community is open, we host a “meditation” for our guests, volunteers and community members. It isn’t meditation in the traditional sense; we focus on one topic and discuss it as a group to help us understand each other and develop a great respect for the people and world around us.

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The Need for Sleep

When asked to name a person’s most basic needs, most people will reliably name food, shelter and clothing. A quick Google search adds air, safety, warmth, health and sex. Sometimes one or two other ideas like companionship get tossed out, and Wikipedia adds sanitation, education, healthcare and internet to the list. (I suppose if you’re

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Father’s Day

The latest Father’s Day was a reminder to me of the need to be flexible and enjoy what comes your way. My plans didn’t go as I had envisioned, but fretting about it would have caused more worry than productivity, and I would have missed some great moments. At our house Father’s Day starts on

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