April 2022

A Penguin Walks Through the Door…

A few years ago I came across a list of questions employers could ask potential employees to test their creativity and their ability to adjust quickly to unexpected circumstances. My favorite question was “A penguin walks through the door wearing a sombrero. What’s the first thing it says?” I actually used this during a few […]

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Meet Joy Rindels-Hayden

Joy has had a tough life, but she continues to move forward, in every sense of the phrase and in every area of her life. From abusive relationships to disabling accidents to poverty to discrimination, Joy has faced enough challenges to last several lifetimes. However, as she says, she follows the dictum that power is

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Director’s Corner

Normally I use this space to thank our supporters for their generosity and goodwill. I am as thankful now as I have ever been, so thank-you to all of you who pray for, promote, and give to PHC. But for this newsletter, I want to use this space to make it easier for you to

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