The Alley Newspaper

These articles originally appeared in “The Alley,” the newspaper for the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Father’s Day

The latest Father’s Day was a reminder to me of the need to be flexible and enjoy what comes your way. My plans didn’t go as I had envisioned, but fretting about it would have caused more worry than productivity, and I would have missed some great moments. At our house Father’s Day starts on […]

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The Value of Community

Peace House Community values the “Community” part of our name. PHC’s founder, Sister Rose Tilleman, focused on people rather than things, and as such she wanted to bring together a community rather than open a drop-in center. Since PHC was founded, its members, volunteers and Board have found many ways of keeping the focus on

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Alley Article

Before I get to the point of this article, allow me to lay a little groundwork. Peace House Community has been open in the Phillips neighborhood since 1985. Our founder, Sister Rose Tillemans, established PHC at 510 W. Franklin Ave, and in 2013 we moved to our current building at 1816 Portland Ave. S. PHC

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