Donor FAQ

General Questions

Are online transactions secure?

Yes, each company that we work with to process online donations goes to great lengths to protect donor data. See below for information about an individual company’s practices.

Where does my money go?

Unless otherwise specified by the donor, all funds go to PHC programming. Donations pay for the supplies, facilities, and staff involved in our ministry. All staff are directly involved in the services we provide to our community members.

What payment methods will PHC accept?

PHC accepts donations by credit card, check, and direct transfer.

Automatic Donations

Why should I set up automatic donations?

Automatic donations have several benefits for donors and for PHC. The advantages for donors include:

  • Not having to remember to send the funds. Once you set up the automatic donations all the work will be done for you.
  • Automatic donations make your monthly budget more predictable. Rather than having a large expense once or twice a year when you donate, you will have a regular, smaller expense each month.
  • You know that your money will empower a cause that you support. By setting up an automatic donation, you ensure that the agencies and causes you believe in will have the resources they need to serve those in need.

PHC benefits from automatic donations because:

  • Our income becomes much more predictable. We usually receive over 50% of our donations in the last six weeks of our fiscal year. This makes spending decisions difficult earlier in the year because we aren’t sure we can cover all the costs. Being able to predict the donations each month, and for the year in total, makes it easier for us to make wise spending decisions year-round.

How do I set up recurring donations?

You can set up recurring donations through the PHC website. You will have several options for how you want to set up the transfers:

  • If you want to charge the donations to your credit card, you can click on the “Text” tab to donate through txt2give or the “Monthly” tab to donate through
  • If you want to set up a direct transfer from your credit union or bank account, you can click on the “Direct Transfer” tab to set up an account through
  • You can also contact your financial institution to arrange that an automatic monthly check be sent directly to PHC.

Can I change or cancel my donations in the future?

Yes, you can change or cancel your automatically recurring donations at any time.

  • Text the word “UPDATE” to 612-389-1890 and follow the prompts.
  • allows you to change or cancel your donations through your account, or you can contact them directly at for assistance.
  • You can also send an email to if you would like us to help with any changes you want to make.

When will my donations be billed each month?

When you set up donations by text, Txt2give will allow you to choose when you are billed. If you set up a recurring donation through on the “Credit Card (Monthly)” tab, you will be billed on the same day each month, but you can change the date and amount through your user account. You will also receive a reminder before each monthly donation and a donation confirmation after processes the donation.

Can I send a check each month?

Yes, many of our sustaining members write a personal check each month or have arranged for their financial institution to send a check each month. This system avoids all credit card processing fees, and it will not be interrupted when your credit card expires.