Safety Officer Position

Peace House Community Mission Statement


Peace House Community (PHC) is a weekday gathering place to belong for economically challenged and
marginalized women and men in the Twin Cities. PHC achieves its mission by offering services that:

  • Nourish the community members’ bodies;
  • Nourish our community members’ souls;
  • Enrich the lives of our visitors, volunteers and students.


Peace House Community strives to build a supportive environment where the wounds of economic and
social dislocation are mitigated by the establishment of caring relationships with one another as well as
diverse volunteers.

Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles enable us to create an atmosphere of cooperation and fairness:

  • Ensure all voices are given an opportunity to express themselves. 
  • Respect the diversity of opinions and experiences in the community.
  • Listen to other people with a mind that is open to wisdom from all sources.
  • Practice non-violence through self-restraint, encouraging words, compassionate actions and respectful listening.
  • Accept difficult situations with grace and serenity as we work towards conflict resolution. 

The goal of Peace House Community (PHC) is to offer a non-violent, welcoming and inclusive community for poor and marginalized women and men who are seeking companionship, safety from the streets and personal affirmation.  Peace House Community provides a platform for expressing beliefs, hurts, desperation, hopes and fears too long hidden in so many bruised and broken hearts. Community members are affirmed through mutual sharing, respectful listening and appreciation of each person’s value and worth. PHC offers:

  • A safe place for street people to find respite during the day
  • Supplies to meet basic physical needs, including food and hygiene items
  • A daily 45-minute meditation, an open dialogue in which community members are encouraged to participate in the topic selected for the day
  • Most importantly, a place where people are heard, a place where they can express their cares and concerns without being judged.

Position Description

Reports To:

Safety Officer reports to Director; no positions report to the Safety Officer

Hours (during covid pandemic): 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. These hours are subject to change based on PHC’s ability to provide services safely during the pandemic and other factors.

Hours (once PHC returns to regular operations): 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday to Friday

  • All employees are required to notify the Director ahead of time when they are running late or will not attend work. Notice should be given as early as possible.


The Safety Officer must have the ability to:

  • Create a welcoming and orderly environment
  • Treat all community members fairly without favoritism, discrimination, etc.
  • Practice a non-violent and non-threatening approach to community members and volunteers to create a welcoming and respectful environment
  • Tailor approach to the community member(s) with whom they are interacting
  • Remain calm in stressful interpersonal interactions
  • Diffuse tense situations and de-escalate aggressive or combative individuals through persuasion rather than relying on authority
  • Help community members abide by the rules so that they can remain at PHC or help them to leave with dignity
  • Work with a variety of personality types and personality quirks
  • Represent PHC in a professional manner
  • Pass a Department of Human Services background check to work with vulnerable populations
  • Training and/or experience in security work, de-escalation and working with vulnerable populations preferred but not required. 

Job Duties include:


  • Welcoming community members throughout the day (the Safety Officer is expected to learn the names and personalities of regular attendees and greet them appropriately)
  • Helping those new to PHC learn the community expectations
  • Being a visible presence and resource for volunteers and community members throughout the day
  • Intervening in incidents that threaten the peace of the community
    • In the event of a physical altercation, the security officer will not intervene physically. S/he will ensure the safety of bystanders first and intervene verbally
  • Locking the doors at the start of the meditation time. Assist individuals who leave during the meditation and ensure that doors are relocked so that meditation time is not disturbed
  • Explaining and enforcing the meditation expectations (no disruptions, no cross-talking, etc.)
  • Opening doors after lunch has been served to those who attended meditation to welcome additional community members into the building
  • Monitoring the public areas of the building and property during hours of operation to ensure that community members, their belongings and the building are safe
  • Ensuring that community members feel welcome and safe while on PHC premises
  • Ensuring that volunteers and guests have an enjoyable and worthwhile experience 
  • Distributing community member mail


  • Inspecting building and grounds each morning to ensure there has been no damage during the night/weekend
  • Notifying volunteers of any events from past days that may affect their volunteer experience
  • Patrolling the building and grounds throughout the day to ensure that community members and others are not committing illegal activities on PHC property or in the immediate vicinity
  • Checking all areas of the property regularly throughout the day to ensure that no dumping or damage is occurring
  • Reviewing security video as needed throughout the day to identify trespassers and deal with rule violations
  • Issuing and enforcing no trespassing notices as needed
  • Monitoring and controlling access to non-public areas of the building
  • Meeting regularly with Director to review incidents and follow-up
  • Securing the building and grounds at the end of the day, including ensuring that the building is empty and all entrances and windows are locked and alarm is set

Community Engagement

  • Helping bring donations into the building
  • Ensuring cooperation between PHC and partner agencies, including those that use the PHC building
  • Representing PHC appropriately to the neighborhood and larger community


  • Notifying the Director of any issues or events that require additional attention
  • Notifying the Director of supplies that are running low
  • Assisting other staff or filling in for them as needed
  • Recording daily statistics when Director is absent
  • Appropriately documenting any incidents that volunteers, staff or the Board should know about
  • Answering the PHC phone during business hours
  • Calling emergency services as needed
  • Other duties as assigned


  • $15 per hour, depending on experience and qualifications
  • 8 days PTO per year
  • Six paid holidays
  • This position is wage earning and non-exempt
  • In the event of disagreement between this offer letter and the Employee Handbook, the Employee Handbook shall take precedence.

This is an at-will position. The employee or employer may terminate employment at any time with or without cause or notice.

Physical Requirements

  • Stairs – N/A
  • Lifting – Regularly lifting items that weigh 20 pounds; occasionally lifting items that weigh 50 pounds
  • Sitting – Short periods of sitting (10 to 15 minutes)
  • Sweeping – Occasional
  • Mopping – Occasional
  • Bending – Occasional

This is an at-will position. The employee or employer may terminate employment at any time with or without cause or notice.