Meet Kat

Kat has been coming to Peace house Community for decades, so her desire to contribute to the community shouldn’t surprise anyone. But Kat does more than talk about how much she loves PHC; she puts her words into action. This spring, Kat got tired of the graffiti and stains on the porch area, so she …

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Meet Joy Rindels-Hayden

Joy has had a tough life, but she continues to move forward, in every sense of the phrase and in every area of her life. From abusive relationships to disabling accidents to poverty to discrimination, Joy has faced enough challenges to last several lifetimes. However, as she says, she follows the dictum that power is …

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Meet Red

Red loves the Kansas City Chiefs, and will tell anyone willing to listen. He’ll also tell Vikings fans who don’t want to listen, which is part of what Red enjoys about coming to Peace House Community. After years of watching the Chiefs struggle, Red is delighted with their recent success. “Always cheered for the Chiefs …

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Meet the Social Media Team

The Peace House Community social media team is a group of talented and dedicated volunteers. We are so fortunate to have them and are grateful for all of their hard work. They keep the PHC website (“”) and social media sites – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – updated and lively, which engages our supporters …

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Meet Daniel Gerdts

PHC: Tell us a little about your professional life. DLG: I am a lawyer by trade – a solo private criminal defense practitioner, mostly representing indigent defendants as their appointed counsel in federal court. Directly after law school I spent some time investigating and documenting human rights abuses in the Mexican criminal justice system. I then clerked for …

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Meet Rob and Ed

Rob and Ed have been coming to Peace House Community for years. Ed started coming about the time PHC moved to its current building in 2013, but Rob is an old timer who knew Sister Rose Tillemans, PHC’s founder. He says he was only 16 when he first came through the door of what was …

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